How did Lenin deal with opposition


The ways in which Lenin deals with his opposition.
Declan Wiseman
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How did Lenin deal with opposition
  1. Ban on factions 1921
    1. Concessions: NEP
      1. Cheka
        1. Renamed GPU 1922
          1. Started arresting/harassing Nepmen
        2. Religion attacked
          1. Mensheviks/SR's outlawed
            1. Put on show trial
            2. Purge
              1. Cleansing: Chistka
                1. By mid 1919- membership halved since 1918
                  1. 220,000 members purged/left party by 1921
                    1. Cards- less violent than Stalin
                  2. 1922 censorship tightened
                    1. Pre-publication censorship- BIG DEAL
                      1. Glavlit
                        1. Literature and publishing
                          1. Positive communism
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