Duror's Character Development (Cont.)


Mind map of Duror's development throughout the novel. Notes and quotations about the character. From the novel "The Cone Gatherers" by Robin Jenkins.
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Duror's Character Development (Cont.)
  1. State of mind
    1. "and now this sinister transformation in Duror, itself an episode from a macabre fairy-tale, suddenly in the wood the straight stalwart immaculate ash tree turning to a squat warty bush swarming with worms."
      1. Duror's state of mind declines rapidly throughout the novel which results in Lady Runcie-Campbell - who appears to trust him a great deal - referring to him as a "sinister transformation". He reaches the point in which all the other characters do not recognise him as someone they knew.
        1. All evil has taken over and it seems that he is unable to control it.
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