Menstruel Cycle & Fertility

Callum Perera
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Callum Perera
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science Mind Map on Menstruel Cycle & Fertility, created by Callum Perera on 04/27/2013.

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Menstruel Cycle & Fertility
1 Sex Hormons
1.1 Proestrogen
1.2 Ostrogen
2 Control Of the mestral cycle
2.1 FSH
2.1.1 oestrogen LH Progestron Maintians womb lining Ovulation Creates Lining
2.1.2 Causes eggs to rippen
3 Cycle 28 Days
3.1 Day 1-6
3.1.1 Menstruation
3.2 Day 14
3.2.1 Ovulation Egg Release
4 Fertilation
4.1 Contrception
4.1.1 Stop Fertility Extra Oestrogen Extra Progestrone
4.1.2 IVF in vitro fertilization External fertilization FSH Makes Extra Eggs Ripen
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