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  1. 'Because the old days are over and this is a new time.'
    1. 'The universe has lost its centre overnight, and woken up to find it has countless centres.'
      1. 'I teach and I teach, and when am I supposed to learn?'
        1. 'Nobody who isn't dead can fail to be convinced by proof.'
          1. '...someone who doesn't know the truth is just thick-headed. But someone who does know it and calls it a lie is a crook.'
            1. 'My object is not to establish that I was right but to find out if I am..'
              1. 'No. Unhappy the land where heroes are needed.'
                1. 'I recanted because I was scared of physical pain.'
                  1. 'I betrayed my profession. A man who does what I did cannot be tolerated in the ranks of science.'
                      1. Self-centred
                        1. Brilliant mathematician
                          1. The pursuit of new knowledge is an addiction
                            1. The new model of the universe as the dawn of a new age
                              1. Sympathetically condemned when he falls far short of his ideals
                                1. An ambigous figure
                                  1. Believes in reason
                                    1. An enemy of the human makeup of the catholic church
                                      1. Willing to compromise his own principles for self-preservation
                                        1. KEY FEATURES
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