Education Reforms (1863-64)

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The pros and cons of the education reforms under Alex 2

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Education Reforms (1863-64)
  1. Features
    1. Abolition of serfdom creates need to educate them
      1. Golovin Minister for Education 1862-7
      2. Pros
        1. Uni's self-governed, appoint own staff
          1. Responsibility of education belonged to Zemstvo, not Orthodox Church
            1. Primary/secondary school extended
              1. Modernised schools give another option instead of gimnaziya
                1. Go to uni either way
              2. Schools open to all regardless of sex, class
                1. Women non-vocational secondary school 1870
                2. Number of primary schools rose from 8000 1856 to 23,000 1880
                  1. Children in school rose from 400,000 to 1m
                  2. Uni students rose 3600 to 10,000 by 1870's
                  3. Cons
                    1. Increased radical/militant thinkers
                      1. Peasants have aspirations
                        1. Independent thought leads to criticism
                        2. The primary curriculum was restricted
                          1. Only upper class chose what to study, modern vs classics at secondary
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