Chemistry C2

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Chemistry C2
1 chemical bonding
1.1 Covalent bonding-When atoms of non-metallic elements join together by sharing electrons
1.1.1 When two atoms share a pair of electrons
1.2 Ionic bonding-(metallic elements) Ionic compounds are held together by strong forces between the oppositely charged ions.
1.2.1 Giant ionic structures High melting points, conduct electricity when dissolved in water.
1.2.2 Giant covalent strutures Covalently bonded substances with giant structures have very high melting points Diamond is a form of carbon, with atoms that form four covalent bonds Graphite is another form of carbon where the carbon atoms form layers that can slide over other Graphite can conduct electricity because of delocalised electrons
1.3 Formulae
1.3.1 Charges on ions cancel eachother out CaCl2 (one Ca2+ ion for every two Cl- ions
1.4 Simple molecules
1.4.1 low melting points, boiling points No overall charge, can't conduct electricity Weak intermolecular forces-low m and b points

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