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IELTS speaking 2 : Personal experience - First time using English to speak to a foreigner

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Personal experience
  1. remember vividly
    1. (i) I can remember vividly the first time I spoke English with an English native speaker on [certain day, such as New Year / Christmas Eve few years ago etc.]
    2. hanging out
      1. (ii) At that time, I was hanging out with my friends.
      2. asked for directions
        1. (iii) Suddenly, a foreigner came up to me and asked for directions to a cinema.
        2. couldn’t catch everything
          1. (iv) At first, I couldn’t catch everything he said, because he spoke too fast.
          2. repeated, finally understood
            1. (v) But after he repeated his words slowly, I finally understood and showed him the way to the cinema.
            2. body language
              1. (vi) I used body language a lot to explain the direction to him, since I didn’t speak English well then.
              2. headed for
                1. (vii) After that, he said thank you and headed for the cinema.
                2. important role, despite
                  1. (viii) Then, I realize that English plays an important role in our life, despite the fact that we don’t live in an English speaking country.
                  2. spoken globally
                    1. (ix) It is truly an International language spoken globally.
                    2. good command, speak confidently
                      1. (x) Since then, I determined to improve my English so that I can have a good command of this language, so that I can speak confidently with foreigners, whatever the topic of conversation.
                      2. Describe the first time you used a foreign language?
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