The French Revolution

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High School Diploma Social Studies (World History) Mind Map on The French Revolution, created by Niat Habtemariam on 03/03/2014.

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The French Revolution
1 The Moderate Phase
2.1 "Radical" phase with escalating violence
2.2 End of Monarchy
2.3 1793-1794
3 The Directory
4 The Age of Napolean
4.1 Napolean's Biggest Mistakes
4.1.1 Continental System
4.1.2 The Penninsula War
4.1.3 The Invasion of Russia THE BIGGEST MISTAKE Tries to invade Russia but fails because of thier scorched earth policy Only 4,000 men of his 420,000 army survive
5 Terms Need to know
5.1 Estates (Social Classes)
5.1.1 2nd Estate Nobitlity 2% of population Army, courts, church, etc. No taxes
5.1.2 3rd Estate About 95% of population, including bourgeoise, urban workers, and peasants. Had to pay all of the taxes
5.1.3 1st Estate Clergy Less than 1% of population.Priests, Church, King No taxes
5.2 Factions
5.2.1 Jacobins Members of a revolutionary political club made during the French Revolution
5.2.2 Nobility The people that made up the 1st and 2nd estate.
5.2.3 National Assembly A French Congress established by representatives of the 3rd Estate Enacted laws and reforms in the name of the French People
5.2.4 Moderates
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