M.Jordan's Coach Relentless - Tim Grover

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M.Jordan's Coach Relentless - Tim Grover
  1. @4yy bone saw w/ father
    1. always a next level
      1. don't get satisfied with being @
        1. short period to process all info about the athlete
          1. family, life style, circunstance, etc
            1. temporary solutions
              1. adapt
                1. never exhale
      2. margin for growth is really thin
        1. preparation is the key
      3. main errors
        1. try to fit in
          1. groups
            1. school
              1. society
              2. fear to failure
                1. stop@failures
                  1. how to use a scalpel
                    1. keeps you away from TRYING
                  2. Criticism & Feedback
                    1. the difference is how you take it
                      1. coller: nothing outstanding / only expected
                        1. closers: end results as long as limited tasks trown at them
                          1. cleaner: trow out and they deliver back no matter what
                    2. Delivering
                      1. I'm as good as last deliver I've done
                        1. don't expect to be reconized by doing your job
                          1. improved from latest deliver
                            1. trophies for participation?????
                              1. playtime only if you deliver good job
                                1. trancends whatever you do
                                  1. there is no such thing as beast mode
                                    1. be so good that they can't ignore you
                                      1. attack the situation
                                        1. be the agressor step forward
                                2. Next Level
                                  1. working to pass the cleaner phase
                                    1. recognize not enough skills to be a basketball player: STARTING POINT
                                      1. mental trade
                                        1. mindset can be though to everybody
                                          1. never was good score
                                            1. identify and comunicate
                                              1. to the best players in the world
                                                1. how/where they have to improve
                                                  1. this is what is wrong
                                                    1. this is how to make it better
                                                      1. time is very short
                                                        1. words are very few
                                            2. Luck: preparation meeting opportunity / be iconic
                                              1. if your not mentally ready the phisycal doesn't help
                                                1. Truth hurts
                                                  1. growth from pain
                                                    1. raise from the ashes
                                                      1. know different tastes
                                                        1. bitter in your mouth
                                                      2. Emotions are enimies make you weak
                                                        1. win stomach flow of butterflies in 1 direction
                                                          1. never feel sorry about myself
                                                            1. never blame
                                                              1. never feel guilty
                                                                1. rehab starts moment you get up
                                                                  1. part of healing process
                                                                  2. look for pressure (privilage) situations to perform and practice
                                                                  3. Practice under pressure
                                                                    1. cleaner switches doesn't exist
                                                                    2. keep on top
                                                                      1. everybody has a gift
                                                                        1. your job figure out yours
                                                                          1. act on them or not
                                                                            1. is what you don't see in the mirror that caused you unsuccess
                                                                              1. prepare them
                                                                                1. body has a limit / your mind doesn't have it
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