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Cisplatin Mindmap for Chemotherapy Unit in Sterile Compounding Class

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  1. Platinol-AQ & Platinol (Brand Names)
    1. Cancers Treated
      1. Metastatic Testicular Tumors
        1. Metastatic Ovarian Tumors
          1. Advanced Bladder Cancer
        2. First-Line Treatment of Ovarian Cancer
          1. Unlabeled Uses
            1. Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer
              1. Brain Cancer
                1. Adrenal Cortex Cancer
                  1. Breast Cancer
                    1. Cervix Cancer
                      1. Uterine Cancer
                        1. Endometrium Cancer
                          1. Head and Neck Cancer
                            1. Esophogeal Cancer
                              1. Lung Cancer
                                1. Liver Cancer
                                  1. Osteogenic Sarcomas
                                    1. Numerous Other Malignancies
        3. Drug Classification
          1. Platinum Based Antineoplastic
          2. Drug Reconstitution & Dilution
            1. Comes in a liquid form so no reconstitution is required
              1. Combined with Mannitol in either NS or D5 1/2 NS 1/2. D5W alone cannot be used.
            2. Physiological Concepts
              1. Evidence of Tumors
                1. Symptoms will vary depending on the type of cancer
              2. Non-Drug Treatments or Lifestyle Modifications
                1. Use of essential oils
                  1. Super Foods
                    1. Nutrients, Foods & Products that help to build up the immune system
                      1. Get plenty of rest
                        1. Exercise
                          1. Get to and maintain a healthy weight
                2. Routes of Administrtion
                  1. Can be used in all populations. Pediatric patients need close monitoring and testing. IV USE ONLY!!
                  2. Usual Dose & Rate of Administration
                    1. Dose & Rate will Vary based on patient. Dosed using BSA. Not to be run as a rapid infusion. Typically run over 2 hours
                    2. Contraindications & Warnings
                      1. Hypersensitivity to cisplatin or other platinum-containing compounds.
                        1. Myelosuppressed Patients
                          1. Patients with pre-existing impaired renal function
                            1. Patients with a hearing deficit
                              1. Pregnancy Risk Category D
                      2. Antidote for Patient Reaction
                        1. There is no specific antidote available
                          1. Discontinue Use
                            1. Administration of whole blood products
                        2. Drug Drug Interactions
                          1. Aminoglycosides (i.e. Gentamicin)
                            1. Loop Diuretics (i.e furosemide)
                              1. Anticonvulsant Agents
                                1. Ohter Antineoplastic agents
                                  1. Live Virus Vaccines
                                    1. Drug Food Interactions
                                      1. None
                          2. Ongoing Monitoring
                            1. Side effects should be monitored closely as they can be frequent and become more severe with every dose after the fist.
                              1. Hearing tests are ordered for high dose therapies
                                1. Blood Tests such as a CBC will be done to monitor electrolytes and organ functions
                            2. Interesting Fact: First platinum-containing anti-cancer drug
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