CONVERGENCE'S Fundamental Question

Angela Camacho
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This map resume the concept of convergence in a global way

Angela Camacho
Created by Angela Camacho over 3 years ago
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CONVERGENCE'S Fundamental Question
1 Convergence (what is it?)
1.1 "A change to deliver news and information to consumers in a new and different way, or to expand the franchise."
1.2 "A way to protect their place in the market"
1.3 "Give information and news in a different way"
1.4 Convergence in the U.S.A.
1.4.1 Ownerships convergence (Between large media companies)
1.4.2 Structural Convergence (re-organization on media companies)
1.4.3 Technology Convergence (makes the multi-skilled journalist possible)
1.4.4 Storytelling Convergence ( It operates at the level of the working journalist, though it needs management support for equipment)
2 The business ideal
2.1 The business model sees multiple-platform publishing as a way to increase productivity
2.1.1 One advertising representative can offer a campaign in a variety of formats ‘‘CO- PERTITION’’ Organizations that originally were competitors work together.
3 The journalistic ideal
3.1 ‘‘Convergence is a growth strategy instead of a saving strategy.’’ It was an important new form of journalism because it addressed the needs of the audience
3.2 ‘‘Convergence offers the audience new ways of absorbing news rather than just offering journalists new ways of presenting it’’
4 What is Driving Convergence?
4.1 Changing attitudes and lifestyles of news consumers
4.2 The growth of the World Wide Web has introduced another competitor for advertising, and at the same time the Web has produced more niche markets
4.3 Advances in digital technology make convergence technically possible
5 Barriers to Convergence
5.1 The difficult that convergence experiences happened when the organization has different leadership priorities
6 All over the world the evolution of convergence is based on the companies transformation from "monomedia" to "multimedia" Members of the World Association of Newspapers had reported some form of convergence was starting to happen at their companies
7 Key Factors Related
7.1 Management buy-in
7.2 Change of mindset
7.3 Placing people with different skills generate trust and sharing of ideas, which leads to synergy