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Evaluation - What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product


Mind Map on Evaluation - What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product, created by kellysimpsonx on 03/04/2014.
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Evaluation - What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product
  1. Research and planning
    1. Skype call with Michael Harrows, this can be seen on youtube and I have embedded it below this presentation. I learnt a lot from the Skype call with Michael Harrowes as he is a professional editor himself. This was helpful as the questions asked were specific questions we wanted answered. This Skype call was also a way of connecting and contacting with people almost in person, so we could gather as much information as possible. I also learnt about the importance of pace and rhythm when editing, which I took stongly into account when editing my opening sequence
      1. I also used lino it, this was an online site which allowed me to make small notes into coloured coded boxes. This was useful as it allowed me to display each idea neatly. This would be a useful way to collect and store feedback within the film industry as it is quick and simple to use, and the layout would enable you to combine, collect and move each note into particular places which would be helpful when comparing feedback improvements and ideas. I also think that lino it can be very useful as it can be edited and added too whenever and can be displayed almost like a pin board. I have also used Padlet. I have found that this site was very similar to lino it as constructs the same idea of boxes being placed as notes, however I found that padlet was more professional and you were able to embed films and images into the boxes, which may be useful for purposes such as advertisements as it becomes more interactive and fun, it also would be good for displaying presentations.
        1. I have also used blogger to present and keep all of my work together. This I found helpful as the posts can be labelled and ordered so that it becomes easy to navigate particular pages. I have learnt that blogger is a social site which doesn't only allow you to keep work neatly together, but it also allows us to connect with our audiences by allowing them to comment and share subjects on our pages. This will be useful in the film industry as the conversational comments can allow a more personal connection between the audience and the producers.
          1. I have also used Pinterest as a type of illustration, I have learnt that Pinterest is useful to present particular ideas in a more interesting way. This is because the visual idea of Pinterest allows the viewer to become more engaged more quickly as there is very little text included in each pin. This would be useful because certain audiences, such as a younger audience, may be more interested in visual advertisements within film, rather than textual. This is also helpful as it gives an insight into the look and feel of the film, without giving any of the enigma away.
            1. I have used Vimeo to upload a video which I have created on windows movie maker. I have learnt that Vimeo is used by an older audience and is very similar to youtube, however, Vmeo has a smaller audience and therefore I have learnt that Youtube may be a better source to publish and advertise film as it will reach a much wider audience and can be shared a lot quicker.
              1. Another technology which I have used in my research and planning is Prezi. I have learnt that prezi is a very useful piece of technology to use for displaying a long presentation or lot of information. This is because of the animations which make the writing and information seem more intriguing and exciting. It is also unique because you can also imbed Youtube clips and images into each section. I think that this type of technology could become an appeal to a wider audience if it were to be known as well as some social sites such as Youtube and Pinterest as it requires both visual technologies and written text.
                1. I have used Slideshare, this enables me to share a powerpoint I have created onto the internet. This then can receive feedback and comments from interested audiences. I have learnt that although this is an interesting way of presenting powerpoints, it can also begin to get quite boring if there is a lot of writing within the powerpoint, but where there are a fair amount of images involved it makes the presentation look more interesting but also informative,
                  1. I have used Youtube in my research and planning to export my clips and preliminary task onto. I am already quite familiar with youtube as it is a very popular site, however, I have never had my own account. I have learnt that having my own account on Youtube enables me to share my videos and also comment on other peoples. This is helpful as it allows me to connect with other people who are doing the same type of activity, so I can gather more idead and feedback from my posts. The film industry already benefit from the uses of Youtube as it allows them to post trailers and advertisements of upcoming movies as the wide audiences can share and interact, raising awareness of the new film through social media technology.
                  2. Production
                    1. I have used different technologies in th production of creating my film. This involved using a 700D Cannon camera. This was different as in GCSE I used an analogue camera. I learnt how to use the digital camera during the filming as it was a lot more complicated than the analogue camera. However, I found that the final result of my filming was a lot better quality as I could change the ISO and lenses of the camera so that the Depth Of Field could be altered, creating a more obvious idea on what the audience are supposed to be focusing on in the clip.
                      1. During the production I have used, which is a website that tells you how to properly use Premier pro. I learnt that this is very useful for looking deeper into the adobe workshop and this allowed me to add extra effects onto my opening title sequence that were not particularly obvious by browsing the technology myself. This site can become useful for people who want to learn more about the use of Premier Pro to create more interesting and professional videos.
                        1. We have used professional lighting in our film with the help from Ryan, who does the lighting professionally for music videos and some movies. This I have learnt really helps to boost the quality of the film as it creates shadows and can be used to emphasise particular props and aspects, to help set the scene and mood of the film.
                        2. Post-Production
                          1. We have used Adobe Premier Pro to edit our final product. Although we used this in GCSE, the programme had updated and changed slightly since then, therefore I had to try and grasp the correct symbols with the right tools. However, once I was used to using them again, the editing became very simple and almost addictive. I have learnt that Premier Pro is a very complex programme, but patience is important to allow you to grasp and learn about all the different techniques. I find that Premier Pro is a very professional way of editing as it allows you to manipulate the clips in any way possible, therefore it is a good site for editing and creating your own movie.
                            1. I also used Youtube as another way to learn about the editing of my movie on Premier Pro, these videos were not as detailed, and I had to be specific with what I wanted to know. Although it wasn't as helpful as, I learnt that the use of Youtube was helpful for finding quick, specific techniques about Premier Pro.
                              1. During our post production we used the technology 'Garage Band' on an Apple mac computer. This we used to create our foley. I learnt that the use of Garageband allowed us to duplicate sounds and add effects over the top to replicate the exact sound we wanted. This technology is extremely useful to create accurate foley sounds during the creating of an independent film.
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