Lead-Up to Bishops' Wars

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The causes and lead up to the 2 Bishops' Wars

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Lead-Up to Bishops' Wars
  1. 1633, new prayer book. Catalyst revolt
    1. 23rd July 1637- St Giles Cath, EDIN:organised protest becomes full blown riot
      1. August- Glasgow: stools, cricket bats, sticks, stones
    2. National Convenant
      1. Manifesto aimed to unite opp to relig reforms
        1. Presby radicals: Archibald Johnston of Wariston and Alexander Henderson
          1. Broad appeal (even peasants)-rally point
            1. Preaching: target all parts of society-covenant more revolutionary
            2. "Turning point" acc to Cust. "Defiance of the Scots" set precedent for opp in other kingdoms. Set in motion train o events leading to Bishops war and Civil War
              1. Irreparable damage
                1. United opp bc English peers contact Scots covenanters
                  1. Lord Brooke, Viscount Saye and Sele
                    1. Both hate Laudianism
                      1. English knew that Scots invasion=finance=new parliamen
                        1. letter from Laud to Wentworth 1638- "vast expenses out of little treasure" not enough funds to cover cost of war.
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