My New African Perception

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My New African Perception
1 Africa's People
1.1 Despite there being a range of different weath levels and cultures in Africa, the disparity between the rich and the poor in Africa is the most noticable feature about it's people.
1.1.1 The majority of African people are poverty stricken and live below the bread line. These conditions are not conducive to improving the situation in these areas and where people are poor they continue to get poorer.
1.1.2 Many African people lack basic facilities and this leads to very underdeveloped areas where people lack basic education and as such remain poor.
2 The State of the Environment
2.1 The African environment is definitely in need of reform. At this stage I perceive the environment to be an asset to the African people, but not one that is being taken care of in such a way that it will be available to us for generations to come.
2.1.1 Right now, the most important issue for the African nation to address is the lack of proper infrastructure and knowledge to deal with the water shortages that the continent is experiencing. Developing new technologies which will enable African nations to use the available water resources conservatively, as well as new methods of supplying all areas of the continent with adequate watwer supply so that the land and the people do not suffer.
2.1.2 In comparison to the rest of the world, the amount of waste that Africa produces and the pollution emitted is almost negligible.
2.1.3 Deforestation, desertification, poaching, pollution and overgrazing are all taking place on a large scale, to name but a few negatives in terms of the environment on our continent. Once water conservation and technology has been established, methods of using other resources need to be implemented so that they too can be used sustainably rather than becoming a scarcity.
3 Economy
3.1 The African continent is made up of many of the world’s poorest countries and was recently ranked the poorest inhabited continent. This results in the perception that Africa has a weak economy all round, which is not true of all African countries.
3.1.1 Like many other topics in Africa, we have a spread from very wealthy countries, all the way to the bottom of the list with exceptionally poor countries. However, the portion of the African continent that lives in luxury is far smaller than that which lives below the poverty line. Botswana - wealthy country due to resources Zimbabwe - formerly wealthy country, now hugely in debt due to the political situation Despite being an incredibly resource rich continent, the economy does not reflect this as many of the people that live here are extremely poor. Because of a low flow of income in many areas, African nations lack the ability to build infrastructure and implement necessary policies that would in the long run be infinitely beneficial to the economy.
3.1.2 A number of African countries do not have the facilities necessary, such as transport, agriculture and technology, to trade with the rest of the world. This means that although many countries have the resources available, they do not have the necessary tools to turn the resources into income.
4 Future Development
4.1 The African continent does not inspire much hope for the future. In almost all spheres, African countries are lacking and as a nation we are far behind the development pace set by the rest of the world.
4.1.1 Despite our rich natural resources, Africa as a continent lacks the facilities and leadership necessary to make use of these resources and turn Africa into one of the worlds leading economies.
4.1.2 Education: vast numbers of people on the Afrucan continent have little to no education and will unfortunately not recieve formal education in their lifetimes. This stunts peoples abilities to create new innovations and work towards alleviating their own poverty, thereby further damaging the African economy.
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