Standard of Living

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Standard of Living
1 whether people can afford the basics:clean water,food, shelter, and clothing.
1.1 Many people are living in poor areas
1.1.1 Depending on where they live, some people can barely meet their needs while others enjoy luxuries. No money to go to school Low incomes Did not reach standard of living No vacations Less Knowedge No health care No hospital Die easily Low life expectancy
2 Government change
2.1 Dictator
2.1.1 throw over Balaguer was elected Tried to improve infrastructure failed, many debts Democracy Diversify economy improve standard of living
3 Lower incomes
3.1 Bad standard of living
3.1.1 High cost of life Living below poverty lines rich country less poor poor country more poor
4 Solution
4.1 Donation
4.1.1 bycicles don't throw trash every where stop hurting earth government help
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