Life Development

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explains life development

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Life Development
1 -Is caused by
2 Factors (cultural, social, genetic, environmental)
2.1 Theoretical frameworks in developments psychology
2.1.1 -characterized because
2.1.2 The individual child should not be studied in isolation, abstracted from their social relationships or cultural circumstances -divided into Genetic Psychology Growth and development referred to a focus on origins rather than molecular genetic Hall, Gesell and Erikson role of biological maturation in children´s development (has active stages of evolution) importance Genetic and Biological factors play the dominant role in development emphasized by consist of Behaviorist Framework Shaping behavior often through reward and punishment Watson (control fear is learning response ) Pavlov (stimulus generated other stimulus) Skinner (actions what is feeling inside) Bandura (environment influenced behavior) Process in which biology provides the clay and the environment shapes it importance emphasized by consist of Cognitive Frame The brain is seen as a version of the new electronic computer (mind process information by the reason and infer) considers Interaction between child and environment as process of gathering information (construct mental models) assumed To be a process of constructing cognitive representations consist of Constructivist Framework A child is always building knowledge about their physical environment Piaget ( active interaction with environment create structures about world, assimilation and accommodation) Intelligence moves through a universal sequence of qualitatively distinct stage cognition refers to development importance emphasized by consist of Cultural Psychology Cultural art acts provide the means which people interact with the world around them and with one another. Vygotsky (learn how to think through interactions with others) Process driven to live in a social world importance emphasized by consist of
2.2 Theoretical preposition of life-span psychology
2.2.1 Involves the study of constancy and change in behavior through life divided in 2 modes Extension of developmental studies across the life course Aim to explore and research specific implications for the general nature of developmentally theory
2.2.2 -characterized because it
2.2.3 contains 3 concepts
2.2.4 Development (life-long process that have not period age)
2.2.5 Multidirectiinality (diversity or pluralism, direction of change varies by categories of behavior)
2.2.6 Plasticity (life conditions and experiences of an individual, give the course of the development in many ways)
2.3 -divided into
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