Anansi Boys

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A mind map of all the main characters and their qualities.

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Anansi Boys
1 Fat Charlie Nancy
1.1 Before: boring, average, untalented, depressing, low self esteem
1.1.1 After: more self confident, talented, intelligent, hopeful, determined
1.2 Protagonist
2 Anansi
2.1 Before: Embarrassing, trickster/prankster, womanizer. extrovert
2.1.1 After: Fatherly, compassionate, hopeful
2.2 Neither
3 Daisy Day
3.1 Before: Unique, intelligent, hard-working, hopeful
3.1.1 After: kind, approachable, determined
3.2 Protagonist
4 Rosie Noah
4.1 Before: kind hearted, caring, helpful
4.1.1 After: happy, approachable, accepting
4.2 Protagonist/Neither
5 Mrs. Noah
5.1 Before: reserved, snooty, control freak, rude
5.1.1 After: satisfied, happy, nagging
5.2 Neither
6 Maeve Livingstone
6.1 Before: hopeful, proactive, prompt
6.1.1 After: satisfied, determined, joyful
6.2 Protagonist/Neither
7 Mrs. Higgler
7.1 Before: calm, informative, motherly, understanding
7.1.1 After: understanding, resourseful
7.2 Protagonist
8 Spider
8.1 Before: confident, extrovert, talented, fun-filled lifestyle
8.1.1 After: more reserved, happy, satisfied with life
8.2 Protagonist
9 Grahame Coats
9.1 Before: rude, unfriendly, selfish
9.1.1 After: vengeful, evil, cruel
9.2 Antagonist
10 Tiger
10.1 possessive, intelligent, vengeful
10.2 Anatgonist
11 Mrs. Dunnwiddy
11.1 Before: annoyed, motherly, wise
11.1.1 After: regretful, understanding
11.2 Protagonist/Neither
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