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old testament
1 1. creation
1.1 it took 7 days for God to create the world
1.1.1 God created the Heavens and the Earth from darkness
1.2 Adam and Eve were created
1.2.1 Adam and Eve ruled over the animals
1.3 Adam was created from dust
1.3.1 God saw Adam was lonely, so he made a women from one of his ribs and named her Eve
2 2. the Fall
2.1 God said Adam and Eve could eat from any tree except the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
2.2 Satan came as a serpent and tempted Eve from eating from the tree, and she did.
2.2.1 she then told adam to eat from the tree and he did
2.3 they realized they were naked and were embarrassed so they hid themselves in fig leaves
2.3.1 God looked for Adam and Eve, and they blamed each other about eating from the tree and God got angry
2.3.2 God kicked them out of the Garden of Eden, and sent an angel to protect the entrance with a fiery sword
3 3. Noah and the Flood
3.1 Everyone was sinning and God was upset, but he saw that Noah was faithful to the Lord
3.1.1 God told Noah to build an ark so protect and save his family from a flood noah made the ark out of gopher wood
3.1.2 God told Noah to have a male and a female for every type of animal
3.1.3 Noah brought on the ark his wife, 3 sons, and their wives everyone thought Noah was weird for making the ark and didn't believe about the flood when he told the people
4 4. Abraham
4.1 his name was originally abram
4.1.1 he had a wife and her name is Sarah, it used to be Sarai Sarah couldn't bare children, so she had Haggar, a servant, sleep with Abraham so she could get a child. Hagar had a child and named him Ishmael 3 angels visited Abraham and told him he would have a son, both him and his wife laughed because they were old Abraham did have a son and named him Isaac, God one day told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac as a test, Abraham obeyed, but God stopped him before he could kill Isaac
5 5. Joseph
5.1 son of Jacob
5.1.1 he was Jacobs favorite son and made him a coat of many colors Joseph dreamt dreams and his brothers were jealous, and sold him into slavery to the Egyptians. Joseph worked for Potiphar and Potiphar really liked him, until his wife accused Joseph of trying to sleep with her, so he was thrown into prison while in prison, he met a baker and a cup bearer and they both had dreams in which Joseph interpreted, he said the baker would get killed but the cup bearer would be set free. Joseph asks the cup bearer to remember Joseph once he was set free Pharaoh has a dream, and the cup bearer remembers Joseph and so the Pharaoh brings him in and Joseph interprets that there will be 7 years of plenty in Egypt and 7 years of famine Pharaoh puts Joseph in second in command so he could prepare of the famine, and later one Joseph reunites with his family and their family continued to grow in Egypt for many generations
6 6. Moses and the Exodus
6.1 He was born as a hebrew baby, and his mother in order to protect him, put him in a basket and set the basket off in the Nile River
6.1.1 Pharaohs daughter found moses and decided to keep him as her own son When moses was 40, he killed an Egyptian man and fled Egypt moses marries zapporah one day God spoke to moses through a burning bush and told him to set the isrealites free in Egypt
7 7. Mount Sanai and the Giving of the Law
7.1 the israelites were traveling for 3 months after being free from slavery
7.1.1 he walked up to mount sinai moses came down from the mountain and told the people to clean up and look nice when he came down from the mountain, he was gone for 40 days, the people became impatient and made a golden calf to worship he got mad and threw the 10 commandments on the ground and they shattered he went back up to the mountain to remake the 10 commandments
8 8. King David
8.1 king david is famous for killing the giant Goliah
8.1.1 he used to be a shepher he was best friends with king sauls son Jonathan king saul tried to kill david he married bathsheba , and killed her husband Uriah he had a son named solomon. he also becomes a famous king he was a man after Gods own heart
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