Old Testament

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Old Testament
1 5.Moses & The Exodus
1.1 Moses left in basket in Nile
1.1.1 Noah is found by Pharoah's daughter Moses kills an Egyptian slave master Moses runs away to Midian for 40 years God talks to Moses through the burning bush 10 Plaques Crossing of the Red Sea Moses and the Hebrews escape int the wilderness
2 8. King David
2.1 David's brothers go to war to fight the philistines and David told to bring the food.
2.1.1 David saw the no one was going to challenge Goliath so he did with some stones and a sling. David slays Goliath and is anointed king of Israel. King Saul becomes angry and tries to kill David but David's best friends with saul's son Jonathn. Saul and Jonathan die in battle leaving David as king. David sleeps with bathsheba.
3 7.Joshua and the Judges
3.1 Joshua leads the people into Canaan after moses's death.
3.1.1 God tells Joshua to march around the city of Jericho 1 time each day for 6 days then 7 times on the 7th day. Joshua dies and the people don't push all of the Canaanites out of the land God appoints Judah as the leader of the Israelites Deborah rises to power and the people respect her even though she is a woman
4 1.Creation
4.1 7 Days of Creation
4.2 Gods rested on the 7th day
4.3 Man was made on the 6th day
4.4 God sees the Adam is lonely and makes him a companion named Eve out of one of his ribs while he is sleeping.
4.5 The Fall of Man
4.6 Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
5 2.Noah and The Flood
5.1 God tells Noah to build an ark
5.2 Noah builds the ark out of gopher wood
5.3 2 of every animal enter the Ark with Noah and his family
5.4 God seals the door to the Ark
5.5 It rains for forty days and forty nights
5.6 Noah makes a sacrifice thanking God
6 3.Abraham
6.1 3 major religions acknowledge Abraham
6.2 God makes a covenant with Abraham
6.3 Nation, Land, and Seed promise
6.4 Has a son named Isaac at the age of 90
6.5 God tells him to sacrifice Isaac
6.6 Abraham obeys God and passes his test
6.7 God stops Abraham from sacrificing his son and gives him a ram to sacrifice instead
7 4.Jacob/Israel
7.1 Jacob was the second son of Isaac
7.1.1 Jacob trades a bowl of stew to Esau for his birthright Isaac's wife, Rebecca, helped Jacob trick Isaac into giving him Esau's blessing y covering himself in lamb's hair Esau enters to receive his blessing and Isaac tells him that he already gave it to someone, and Esau gets angry then says he's going to kill Jacob. Jacob runs into the wilderness to escape Esau Jacob returns and is greeted by Esau, but Esau doesn't kill Jacob but instead welcomes him back. Jacob has 12 sons
8 6.Mt. Sanai and the Giving of The Law
8.1 Moses and the hebrews travel to Mt. Sanai
8.1.1 Spends 40 days on Mt. Sinai The people think Moses is dead and ask Aaron to make them a golden calf Moses comes down from the mountain and sees the people worshipping the calf Moses breaks the 10 commandments in anger Moses receives the 10 commandments on Mt. Sinai again
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