The Old Testament

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The Old Testament
1 Abraham
1.1 At the age of 90, Sara gave birth to Abrahams son, Isaac.
1.2 Abraham was visited by angels who told him that his wife, Sarah was to give birth to a boy.
1.3 While Abraham lived in Ur, he was visited by God and was promised nation, land, and seed.
1.4 Abrahams faith in God was so strong, that Abraham was ready to sacrifice his only son because God asked him to.
1.5 Abraham Conducts a ritual to seal a covenant with God.
1.6 Abraham dies at the age of 175, and is buried in the cave of Machpelah.
2 Noah and the Flood
2.1 Noah and his family were the only people in Gods land that had a kind heart.
2.2 God instructed Noah to build and Ark out of gopher wood to save his family.
2.3 Noah took with him a male and female of each animal to save.
2.4 After the flood, God sent a rainbow to represent his promise to never send a flood again.
2.5 Seven days after Noah was done building the ark, it began to rain. The rain lasted for 40 days, and 40 nights.
2.6 After the rain stopped, it remained on earth for 150 days.
4 Creation
4.1 The Story of Creation is broken up into seven days.
4.2 Days 1&3: Light, Heavens and Earth, Stars, moon, and sun.
4.3 Days 2&5: Sky, Sea, fish, land animals
4.4 Days 3&6: Land, Land animals and humans
4.5 On the seventh day, God rested.
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