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Old Testament -
1 2. The Fall
1.1 Adam and Eve were in The Garden of eden
1.1.1 Adam: God said not to eat from theTree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil God said that loniliness is not good for man so he made Eve A serpent tempted them into eating an apple from The tree of knowledge of good and Evil They became embarassed of being naked God Punished Them: so they had to work hard for essentials like food.
2 3. Noah & The FLood
2.1 Noah was instructed to build an arc out of Gopher wood
2.1.1 Noah was to bring 7 pairs of female and male of every clean and unclean animal. He was also told to bring his family. After they were on the ark it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. The earth was flooded out for 150 days until everything was wiped out. Noah and his family had to wait eight months for the earth to dry out In the end, God made a covenant with noah
3 4. Abraham
3.1 Abraham left his country when god told him to.
3.1.1 God made a covenant with Abraham telling him that he will be a father of many nations God tells Abraham and Sarai that they will have a child, but they laugh because they feel that they are too old to have children. His son would be named Isaac. God wanted to test Abraham so he told him to sacrifice Isaac. Abraham didn't want to do it, but he wanted to obey God. Right when Abraham held the knife over his son, an angel appeared and told him not to sacrifice Isaac. When he looked around he saw a ram on the alter, God was happy Abraham Obeyed him.
4 5. Jacob/Israel
4.1 Jacob was told not to marry a girl from Canaan, so he went to find a girl somewhere else
4.1.1 He saw a girl, Rachel, with many sheep and helped her. Jacob met Rachel's father and asked if he could marry her. Her father, Laban, said that Jacob could marry her but only if he worked for him. Jacob worked for 7 years, but was given leah to marry. He worked for another 7 years and finally got to marry Rachel. After he had children God told him to go to the Promise Land. On the way to the Promise Land God spoke to Jacob. God blessed Jacob and gave him a new name, Israel. On his way he also ran into Esau. Jacob thought that Esau had hated him during this time. Esau no longer hated Jacob and they hugged. After that jacob and his family continued their voyage back to Canaan.
5 6. Joseph
5.1 Joseph was one of Jacob's sons. Jacob was favorited by his father, so he made a beautiful coat for him.
5.1.1 Joseph had two dreams. Each dream signified him being a leader of his brothers. At this point Joseph's brothers hated him. One day Joseph was told to look for his brothers. When they saw Joseph they wanted to kill him. The brothers debated on how to kill Joseph, but only one brother disagreed to killing him They put Joseph in a hole and took his coat. Later on they sold him to Egyptians. He then became a slave for a man named Potipher.
6 1. Creation
6.1 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."- Genesis1:1
6.2 Day 1 God said "let there be light"
6.2.1 Day 2: God separated the waters from the sky Day 3 & 4: God created the land, seas, plants, and trees. He also created the moon, sun, and the stars Day 5 & 6: God created marine life, more animals, and humans Day 7: God rested
6.3 7. Moses and The Exodus
6.3.1 One day Moses became mad when he saw an Egyptian beating an Israelite, so he killed the Egyptian. When the King found out he was going to kill Moses but Moses left and went to another land. Moses saw a burning bush and Jesus began speaking to Him. Jesus told Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.Jesus said that Aaron could help him since he spoke better. Moses and Aaron went to the king and asked him to let the Israelites go, he said no. Jesus helped moses by sending 10 plagues The 10 plagues: Water to blood, frogs, lice, flies, livestock, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, and death of the first born. Jesus told Moses to make the israelites take the blood of a lamb and spread it above their doors, so that when the angel of death passed no fist borns would be killed. After the king's son died he let Moses and the Israelites go. The king still wanted the Israelites for slaves so he chased them to the red sea. When moses striked his staff the Red Sea split and the israelites crossed. The egyptians were killed when the Red Sea closed. The Israelites were free.
6.4 8. Mt. Sinai
6.4.1 The Israelites went to Mount Sinai When Moses went up the mountain Jesus spoke and told him to obey the commandments. When moses went down the mountain he told the people what he said and they obeyed. Jesus wanted the Israelites to hear his voice so they stood at the bottom of the mountain. Aaron and his two sons went up and 70 elders went up the mountain to see Jesus. Jesus told Moses to come higher on the mountain and Jesus gave him the ten commandments on stone. Moses was then Gone for forty days and forty nights. During those 40 days he did not eat or drink. A cloud of smoke came on the mountain and Jesus spoke. He gave them the 10 Commandments.
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