Old Testament

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Old Testament
1 5. King Solomon
1.1 King Solomon has a dream about God
1.2 Solomon asks for wisdom instead of fame, riches, etc
1.3 God gives him all of these things: wealth, advantage over enemies, and riches
1.4 Many people came to hear him speak
1.5 God allowed King Solomon to build the temple
1.6 One day 2 woman came to him saying that the baby was theirs. Solomon tells them to cut the baby in half and he reveals the real mother.
2 7. King David
2.1 David saw a beatiful woman and wanted her to be his wife
2.2 God saw that David was wicked and killed his first son, but David had another son, Solomon
2.3 David sent Uriah into battle and he got killed, so David married to Beathsheba
2.4 Saul made David the leader of his army
2.5 King David killed Goliath
2.6 David became the king of Israel
3 1. Creation
3.1 Adam and Eve were created.
3.1.1 Adam and Eve ruled over the animals Adam and Eve were not alowed to eat the fruit.
3.2 Eve was created from Adam
3.2.1 God creates Adam out of dust. They lived in the Garden.
4 3. Abraham
4.1 God promised Abraham and Sarah a child.
4.2 Was born with the name Abram.
4.3 Abraham has Isaac with Sarah
4.4 Abraham was married to Sarah.
4.5 Abraham has a child with Hagar
4.6 Name was changed to Abraham.
5 4. Mt. Sinai and the Giving of the Law
5.1 Moses stayed on the mountain for 40 days and 40 nighs
5.2 Moses walked up the mountain to talk to God
5.3 Lightning and thunder hung over the mountain so the people couldn't see the top
5.4 God told Moses to not let the people touch the mountain.
5.5 God gave Moses the 10 commandments
5.6 God gave Moses rules for the people to follow so they would be more happy
6 6. Joseph
6.1 Joseph's brothers were very jealous of him
6.2 Joseph was framed and put into jail
6.3 His brothers sold him onto slavery
6.4 Josephs brothers come to Egypt and Joseph cries and forgives them.
6.5 Pharaoh realeased him from prison because he sees how Joseph interprets dreams.
6.6 Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of all Egypt. Egypt goes through a famine as Joseph had seen in his dreams.
7 2. The Fall
7.1 Adam and Eve eat the fruit
7.1.1 They realize their naked and hide from God.
7.2 Satan disguised himself as a serpent.
7.2.1 They get kicked out of the garden.
7.3 He told Adam and Eve it was okay to eat the forbiden fruit.
7.3.1 God tells them that they have sinned
8 8. Noah and the Flood
8.1 It rained for 40 days and 40 nights and finally it stopped.
8.2 God told Noah to build an ark.
8.3 It took Noah 120 years to gather all the animals and to build the ark.
8.4 Noah was 600 years old when everything was ready
8.5 God told Noah to go into the ark with his wife, sons, and their wives
8.6 Noah was told to find one female and one male of every animal
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