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OT Mind Map
1 The Fall (Gen 3&4)
1.1 Eve was tempted by serpent
1.2 Told not to eat from tree
1.3 Eve got Adam to eat from tree
1.4 They realized the were naked and covered themselves.
1.5 Because they disobeyed God, sin entered the world.
2 Mt. Sinai and the Giving of the Law
2.1 Moses was the one to go up onto the mountain
2.1.1 Moses to the Israelites to Mt. Sinai Moses shared with them what God said up on the mountain The build the tabernacle The israelites had unfaithfulness and lived a terrible life
3 King Saul
3.1 Annoited by prophet Samuel
3.1.1 freed Israelites from enemies and extended boundaries. Attacked David With his actions he killed his 3 sons He was killed by his own hand
4 King David
4.1 Went into hiding from Saul
4.1.1 Killed Goliath Became king after Saul's death. Got Uriah killed so he could have his wife His first child with Uriah's wife died
5 Creation (Gen 1&2)
5.1 Adam, first man, he named the animals
5.2 Eve, was the first woman
5.3 God made earth in 7 days
5.4 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth"
5.5 God saw it was good
6 Abraham
6.1 Circumcised at 99
6.1.1 Had incest with his slave-girl Hagar and had a son named Ishmael Born in Ur and died in Canaan
6.2 Had a son with Sarah at 100
6.3 Took his son up for an offer on top of a mountain
7 Joseph
7.1 Recieved rainbow jacket from father
7.1.1 sold into slavery by brothers Jospeh had dreams He was put into jail for being accused of messing with Pharaoh's wife. He interpret dreams
8 Noah and the Flood
8.1 God was tired of the wicked people
8.2 Rainbow is for Promise that he wouldn't flood the earth again
8.2.1 God called noah to build the ark Male and Female of each animal 8 people were on the Ark
9 1
9.1 2
9.1.1 3 4 5 6 7 8
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