The Old Testament

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The Old Testament
1 Creation- 1
1.1 God created light and dark
1.2 God created the waters and land
1.3 God created man
1.4 God created land animals
1.5 God created the stars, sun, and moon
1.6 God created marine life
1.7 Creation to 2000 BC
2 The Fall of Man- 2
2.1 Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
2.2 Eve was Tempted by the serpent (devil) to eat the forbidden fruit
2.3 God kicked Adam and Even out of the Garden
2.4 Adam and Eve tried to hide from God
2.5 When Adam ad Eve sinned death was brought into the world
2.6 God gave Adam and Even clothing to wear
2.7 Adam and Eve relaized they were naked
2.8 Creation to 2000 BC
3 Moses- 6
3.1 Led the Israelites out of Egypt
3.2 The Israelites were slaves for the Egyptians
3.3 Moses through God parted the Red Sea and the Israelites passed through
3.4 Moses flees from Egpyt to Midian
3.5 Baby Moses is found by Pharoah Daughter
3.6 The 10 Plagues occur
3.7 1500-1460 BC
4 King David- 8
4.1 David was a great warrios
4.2 David was blessed by God
4.3 @nd King of Israel after Saul
4.4 Many times Saul tried to kill David
4.5 Jonathon was David's best friend
4.6 David was the father of King Solomon the wisest man ever
4.7 1102-982 BC
5 Joseph- 5
5.1 Was sold into slavery by his brothers
5.2 recieved a coat of many colors form his father Jesse
5.3 Became second in command to Pharoah
5.4 Put in prison after being falsely accused of raping Potiphar's wife
5.5 helped move the Israelites to Egpyt
5.6 Had 12 brothers (the tribes or Israel)
5.7 2000-1500 BC
6 Samuel/ King Saul- 7
6.1 is a miracle child
6.2 Samuel is a preist
6.3 Anointed King Saul and King David
6.4 name means "name of God"
6.5 Son of Hannah
6.6 Rasied by Eli the Priest
6.7 Was a Prophet and the last judge
6.8 he is the only ghost in the Bible
6.9 1102-982 BC
6.10 started off as a good king but turned crazy after a while
6.11 was very Jealous of David
6.12 Comes from the tribe of Benjamin
6.13 King Saul was the first King of Israel
6.14 Was a tall and handsome man and was picked by God
7 The Flood- 3
7.1 Noah built an ark according to God's instructions
7.2 It rained for 40 days and 40 nights
7.3 God saved 8 people from the flood
7.4 Noah took two of each kind of animal on the ark
7.5 God promised to never flood the earth again through the rainbow
7.6 A dove came back with an olive branch
7.7 the ark landed on a mountain
7.8 Creation to 2000 BC
8 Abraham- 4
8.1 His wife's name is Sarah originally Sari
8.2 He is the father of many nations
8.3 Had a son named Issac when he was 100
8.4 He almost had to sacrifice his son
8.5 He slept with Hagar to have a son (ishmael) but he wasn't supposed to
8.6 His name was origanlly Abram
8.7 2000- 1500 BC
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