Old Testament

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Old Testament
  1. 4. Abraham
    1. Abraham was very close with God and his original name was Abram
      1. God told Abraham that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars
        1. His wife, Sarah was barren and could not have children
          1. God blessed them with a son named Isaac
            1. One thing that God asked him to do was to sacrifice him son and Abraham agreed but God stopped him at the last minute
              1. Abraham had another son named Ishmael, whose descendant founded Islam
    2. 3. Noah and the flood
      1. The world was very evil so God decided to flood it
        1. He chose Noah to build a ship so his family could survive
          1. Noah built a huge ark and 2 of every animal came to the boat
            1. It rained for 40 days and nights straight and Noah and his family remained safe
              1. The flood waters had to cease so Noah sent out birds to see if the land was dry
                1. The ark landed on top of a mountain and God sent a rainbow to symbolize he'd never flood the Earth again
      2. 5. Jacob/Israel
        1. Jacob was the son of Isaac and he had a twin named Esau, who was the firstborn
          1. Jacob made a deal with Esau one day to sell his birthright for a bowl of soup
            1. Jacob had to flee to his uncle's house because Esau planned to kill him
              1. He worked for 14 years and married 2 sisters and had 12 sons
                1. He moved his family and had his name changed to Israel by God
                  1. He was the father of the nation of Israel and the tribes are named after his sons
        2. 6. Joseph
          1. Joseph was the second to last son of Jacob and the favorite of his father's sons
            1. His older brothers were very jealous of him and his coat his dad gave him so they sold him into slavery
              1. He traveled to Egypt and became a slave to Potiphar, an official in Egypt
                1. Potiphar's wife wrongly accused Joseph of rape and he was thrown into jail, but he interpreted Pharaoh's dreams and was premoted
                  1. He saved Egypt from famine and his brothers traveled to Egypt to get food, but they didn't notice Joseph
                    1. Eventually Joseph revealed himself and his family moved to Egypt so they could avoid the famine and have fertile land
          2. 7. Moses and the Exodus
            1. Moses was born at a time where Israelite baby boys were killed after birth in Egypt
              1. The Pharaoh's daughter found Moses in a basket floating on the Nile and raised him as if he were her son
                1. When Moses was 40, he killed an Egyptian that was beating an Israelite so he had to flee to Moab, where he stayed for 40 years
                  1. God appeared to Moses in the form of a burning bush and told him to go back to Egypt to free the Israelites from slavery
                    1. With the help of his brother, Aaron, Moses went to Pharaoh and told him to let the people of Israel go. Pharaoh was stubborn and 10 plagues were cast on Egypt
                      1. After the 10th plague, the Israelites were freed and walked across the Red Sea with God's help. Pharaoh's army chased them, but they were drowned by God. Moses also brought the 10 commandments from God to Israel
            2. 8. Joshua and the Judges
              1. After the death of Moses, Joshua steps up and becomes the leader of Israel
                1. Joshua and some other spies went to the promised land to scope out the enemies, but were scared of them and didn't trust God so they never got to go the promised land
                  1. The Israelites were forced to wander for 40 years and relied on manna from the sky for food
                    1. During that time, judges started to lead Israel and make important decisions for the people
                      1. One famous judge was Sampson, who had superhuman strength that came from his long hair. He was captured and committed sacrificed himself in order to kill thousands of Philistines
                        1. Another notable judge was Deborah, who was the only female. Gideon was another good judge because he had faith that God would deliver
              2. 2. The Fall
                1. There were two trees in the garden of Eden: the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life
                  1. The snake, which was Satan told Eve to eat from the forbidden tree
                    1. Eve ate the fruit and then told Adam to eat the apple too
                      1. Sin and death entered the world because they ate the fruit
                        1. They became aware of their nakedness and God made them clothes of animal skin
                          1. They were locked out of the Garden of Eden forever
                2. 1. Creation
                  1. First, God created the heavens and the Earth
                    1. After that he formed the land, oceans, sun, moon, etc.
                      1. God said that it was good 5 times and very good once
                        1. the first thing that he says is not good is lonliness
                          1. The final thing God made was man and he formed him out of dust and let him rule over everything
                            1. It says that God made man in his own image and made woman out of man's ribs
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