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Renaissance Literature

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Using GoConqr to study English literature
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1 A period in European history
2 Started in 14th century Italy, lasted until the end of the 16th century
3 Brought back many classical principles.
4 The Renaissance means "Rebirth"
5 Francesco Petrarch marked the beginning of the Renaissance
5.1 April 6th 1341
6 A 'transition' between the Dark Ages and the Modern Age
7 Brought strong intellectual, scientific, and artistic development
8 Writers and Key texts
8.1 Edmund Spenser
8.1.1 My Love Is Like To Ice
8.1.2 Sonnet 67
8.2 Andrew Marvell
8.2.1 The Definition of Love
8.2.2 Young Love
8.2.3 To His Coy Mistress
8.3 William Shakespeare
8.3.1 Othello
8.3.2 Romeo and Juliet
8.3.3 Antony and Cleopatra
8.3.4 Macbeth
8.4 John Donne
8.4.1 The Flea
8.4.2 Farewell To Love
9 Includes 'metaphysical' poetry

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