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1 Old People
1.1 Hurrying due to the closeness of their death.
1.1.2 Ironically are very slow
1.2 Wisdom
1.3 Lack of memory
1.4 Lots of knowledge
2 People's Bad Characteristics
2.1 Greed
2.1.1 Capitalism
2.1.2 Corruption
2.2 Criminals
2.3 Lack of knowledge
2.4 Egoism
2.5 Gadgets such as smartphones as a social problem
2.6 Cheap moral standards
2.7 Portrayed by Daumier, the Kukriniksy and Steadman
2.8 Excessivism
3 Youngsters and Kids
3.1 Tendency to oppose orders
3.1.1 Sometimes uncontrollable Order created by humans which is unable to oppose the nature of chaos
3.1.2 Children running around during lunchtime like humans in Steadman's "Lizard Lounge" Easily accesible Fete Galante - A similar composition to Steadman's Represent people as each one being a miniature of a sin.
4 Death in Art
4.1 Is there life after death?
4.2 Life is a cycle
4.3 Is death to be afraid of?
5 The 7 Deadly Sins
5.1 Each sin results in a particular punishment, created in Dante's Purgatory.
5.2 Can be either Mortal or Venial
5.3 One observational piece each?
5.4 Envy
5.4.1 Pride Greed Lust Gluttony Wrath Sloth
5.5 Fundamental in Catholic confessional practices.
5.6 " Destroy the inherent life of grace and charity within a person"
5.7 Used throughout the Medieval in the Christian world to teach people how to avoid evil and embrace the good as is evident in treatises, paintings and sculpture decorations in the church.
5.8 Each sin has a virtue:
5.8.1 Kindness Humility Charity Chastity Temperance Patience Diligence
5.9 The 7 Dwarves
6 Religion
6.1 What is it for?
6.1.1 Control masses
6.1.2 Questions of Life and Death
6.2 Opposite of Science?
6.3 Is there God?
6.4 Leads to social problems
6.5 May be used as an excuse to not doing something.
6.6 Teach people to do the right thing, to be good people.
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