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En el mapa mental se podra observar ideas principales de "branding"

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1 Is the process of creating an image or a name for an specific product.
1.1 The identity of a product
1.1.1 MY PRODUCT Who is it made for It is made for all type of students and have all type for materials Norma had a great variety of notebooks for little children to university
2 Key elements
2.1 Purpose
2.1.1 Why your product is unique from others Is not only selling a product, is showing the clients that their lifes can be better with it Messages What is the story of your brand. What do you want to transmit
2.2 Emotion
2.2.1 Make the client feel like the product belong to them Use emotional images to get to the clients feelings
2.3 A killer logo
2.3.1 If your brand is placed for all public the main attention will have to be in the logo (bright colors) Figures can also help your logo be more unique
3 Branding vs. Marketing
3.1 Branding
3.1.1 Strategic It´s main idea is to convince to be a loyal customer of a mayor brand Promise To be the best brand, making your customers surprised and satisfied It´s long term Gives personality to a brand Branding is the being
3.2 Marketing
3.2.1 Less agressive Convince of buying a product but not sticking with the brand Short term Marketing is the doing Understands what the customer wants
4 What a brand should have? (for business)
4.1 Something that can make customers stay with the brand
4.1.1 Ex: Quality, Variety etc.
4.2 Equity
4.2.1 Have communiciation plan to propose and develope ideas
4.3 A voice for your brand
4.3.1 Someone that would be able to express your brand to the world
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