Mutually Exclusive And Exhaustive Events

Olivia Brooklyn
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GCSE Maths (Statistics) Mind Map on Mutually Exclusive And Exhaustive Events, created by Olivia Brooklyn on 03/08/2014.

Olivia Brooklyn
Created by Olivia Brooklyn over 5 years ago
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Mutually Exclusive And Exhaustive Events
1 Mutually Exclusive - when the outcome of event A can never happen at the same time as the outcome of event B, then event A and event B are mutually exclusive
2 Exhaustive Events - when the probability of mutually exclusive events add up to 1, they are exhaustive events
3 If there is an event A, the complementary of event a is event A not happening
4 To work out the probability of two mutually exclusive events happening, add the probabilities of all the separate events P ( A or B) = P (A) + P (B)

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