Why did Apartheid end?


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Why did Apartheid end?
  1. Steve Biko
    1. Black Consciousness
      1. Pride in being Black
        1. Knowledge of Black History
          1. Refusing White Superiority
            1. Refusing Help
            2. Influenced by MLK and Malcolm X
              1. South African Student's Organisation
                1. Beaten to death by Police during Hunger Strike
                2. Soweto Uprising and Student Protest
                  1. 1976 Uprising in Schools
                    1. Black taught in Afrikaans: the white language
                      1. 15,000 Students from Sowetto
                        1. 2 killed but many injured by police guns
                          1. Gained Publicity
                      2. Uprisings in Black Townships
                        1. 13 year old Stompie
                          1. Army of 1,500 under 14's
                            1. Burned Town Hall
                      3. Black Church Leaders
                        1. Desmond Tutu
                          1. Against Apartheid
                            1. Nobel Peace Prize
                              1. Persuaded Black People to go against Apartheid in peaceful methods
                        2. U.N
                          1. Cutting off trade links
                            1. Big Countries did not want to stop trading as it lost them money
                            2. Europe protested
                              1. In Rugby World Cup 1970 they disrupted many games: this continued till Apartheid ended
                            3. Trade Unions
                              1. Black people allowed to join trade unions in 1980
                                1. 365,000 working days were lost by strikes in 1982
                              2. Economic Problems
                                1. Increase in Violence
                                  1. Big Businesses Pulled Out
                                    1. Taxes Increased for army
                                      1. White People lost income
                                    2. New Government
                                      1. 1989 New President
                                        1. ANC and PAC Unbanned
                                          1. Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners to be released
                                            1. Nelson Mandela became President
                                            2. Civil Rights
                                          2. End of Cold War
                                            1. Apartheid Government lost support from U.S.A
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