Something's Coming - Bernstein

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Something's Coming - Bernstein
1 Early musicals were developed in the 1920s
1.1 Formed from songs linked by acted scenes
1.2 Influences:
1.2.1 Jazz
1.2.2 20th century classical music
2 West Side Story
2.1 Composed in 1957
2.2 Based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
2.3 Set in New York
2.4 Follows the individuals Tony and Maria who fall in love but both belong to two separate rival gangs
2.4.1 Tony is a Jet
2.4.2 Maria is from the Sharks
2.5 This song is Tony's first solo
3 Instrumentation
3.1 For solo tenors accompanied by a band made up of woodwind, brass, percussion and strings
3.2 The instruments do well to not overpower the solo singer
3.2.1 Quiet dynamics
3.2.2 Soft timbres E.g. muted trumpet and pizzicato strings
3.2.3 Homophonic texture
3.3 Techniques used in the accompaniment to illustrate the words 'The air is humming'
3.3.1 Strings use harmonics (very high notes
3.3.2 Strings play tremolo
4 Structure and Melody
4.1 Almost entirely syllabic
4.2 Based on three main themes:
4.2.1 1) Quiet, syncopated opening theme
4.2.2 2) Loud, strident theme in 2/4
4.2.3 3) Lyrical, slow moving theme
4.2.4 These ideas are alternated a number of times but the repetitions are not exact
5 Rhythm, Metre and Tempo
5.1 Metre changes between 3/4 and 2/4
5.2 Sense of excitement and anticipation
5.2.1 Changes of metre, fast tempo and syncopation
5.3 The accompaniment is largely made up of an on-beat bass part with off-beat chords
5.3.1 Creates cross rhythms Conflicting rhythms played simultaneously
6 Harmony and Tonality
6.1 D major
6.1.1 Two contrasting sections in C major
6.2 Frequent use of a sharpened fourth and flattened seventh
6.3 Tenor's last note is a flattened seventh
6.3.1 Unresolved, gives the feeling of incompletion
6.4 Harmony is tonal and jazz-influenced, with frequent 7th chords and other added note chords
7 Texture
7.1 Homophonic
7.2 Three main ideas in the accompaniment
7.2.1 1) Repeated riff opening the song
7.2.2 2) Short, mainly syncopated chords
7.2.3 3) Fast, um-cha accompaniment
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