Firelight Book Synopsis

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A book synopsis for English 9 LEAD. Includes outlines for plot, setting, characters, and themes.

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Firelight Book Synopsis
1 Plot
1.1 Jacinda is a Draki who wants to be free and fly without all the responsibilities that the others are putting on her
1.1.1 Draki is a race of dragons that has adapted to sift from human and dragon form
1.1.2 Jacinda is the narrator
1.1.3 This desire makes her rebellious and gets her into trouble
1.2 Family runs away from the pride to escape the punishment that Jacinda was to recieve
1.2.1 Jacinda was about to get her wings clipped
1.2.2 Almost got the pride discovered by hunters Hunters are people that hunt Draki Almost got herself killed
1.3 Her family (Mom and sister) moves to Chaparral a city 90 mi from Vegas
1.3.1 A city smack in the middle of the desert
1.3.2 A place that would easily kill the Draki within
1.3.3 She attends the highschool where she finds the dragon hunter that let her go Dragon Hunter's name is will This eventually leads to different conflicts
1.3.4 Jacinda tries her hardest to keep her draki side Finds a place where she could manifest in private Manifest is used in the sense of shifting between human and dragon form. Tries to fly Eventually leads to her being found by the pride
2 Setting
2.1 The pride
2.1.1 Vast and luscious forests
2.1.2 Foggy and misty
2.1.3 Home to Drakis
2.1.4 Perfect for hiding from hunters and humanity
2.1.5 located somewhere in the Sierra Mountains
2.2 Chaparral
2.2.1 90 miles from Vegas
2.2.2 Hot, stuffy, no arable earth, and no escape
2.2.3 Perfect for trying to become full human
2.2.4 Home to a family of Hunters
3 Characters
3.1 Jacinda
3.1.1 Narrator, told from her point of view
3.1.2 A draki from a pride located in the Sierra Mountains A very special type of draki The only draki in years to breathe fire
3.1.3 Very rebellious, and just wants yo be free Her rebelliousness causes her many pains Causes her to almost get discovered by the Hunters Causes her to almost get her wings clipped Almost costs her to lose her dragon side
3.2 Will
3.2.1 A hunter who lives in Chaparral with his family
3.2.2 A very popular jock who is well liked and well known throughout Chaparral high
3.3 Cassian
4 Themes

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