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A mind map representing some important aspects of facilitation

Resource summary

  1. Purpose
    1. • To help a group work to its full potential
      1. To give power to all members of the team (not just the "boss")
      2. Role description
        1. Two types
          1. Neutral third party
            1. Acts as an outsider
              1. A process expert
                1. Example: outside mediator
                2. Facilitative leader
                  1. A content and process expert
                    1. Example: department head
                      1. A full-fledged member of the group
                  2. Characteristics of a good facilitator
                    1. Beliefs
                      1. Everyone's ideas are valuable.
                        1. The group is stronger than any of its members.
                          1. It's important for everyone to participate in the decision-making process.
                          2. Actions
                            1. LISTENS carefully and seeks to understand
                              1. Encourages others, through attitudes and actions, to listen
                                1. Has an objective for the meeting
                                  1. Presents an agenda and sticks to it
                                    1. Makes participants feel comforable
                                      1. Encourages participation from all
                                        1. Avoids conflict or resolves it
                                          1. Knows and uses "tricks of the trade" to help others participate
                                        2. Common pitfalls
                                          1. Controlling the conversation
                                            1. Neglecting some participants
                                              1. Taking sides
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