Virtue Ethics

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Virtue Ethics
1 Virtuous all the time
1.1 Even when he sleeps, because he has cultivated the habit of virtue
2 Golden Mean
2.1 Right way to act
2.2 The perfect balance between 2 extremes
2.3 Discovered by the intellect
2.3.1 Leads to genuine practical wisdom (Phronesis) & moral wisdom
2.3.2 Vices of deficiency & vices of excess
2.3.3 Between cowardice & foolhardiness = courage
3 Act out of desire, not duty
3.1 Deriving satisfaction from doing the right thing
3.2 Identified the right thing to do
3.2.1 Not because they ought/want to do so
3.3 Not for any external reasons/goals
3.4 Good samaritan example
4 Moral Virtues
4.1 Despite man's intellectual pursuit, still has to live practically in the world
4.2 Qualities of character attained by habit/cultivation
4.2.1 Those that lead to a good life The person who aims to cultivate these qualities is maximising their potential for a happy life A quality of happiness described as..
4.3 12
4.3.1 Courage
4.3.2 Temperance
4.3.3 Liberty
4.3.4 Magnificence
5 Eudaimonia
5.1 Involved in being happy & living well
5.2 Of intrinsic value & not as a means to an end
5.3 Should be desired for its own sake
5.3.1 Not only for the individual, but also for the society for which they are a member
6 Every action is directed towards an aim
6.1 Superior Aims
6.1.1 Includes contemplating philosophy
6.2 Subordinate Aims
6.2.1 Seeking personal preferences
7 Practice
7.1 Must be a continuous attempt
7.1.1 Involves an awareness of the circumstances in which he acts PRUDENCE Must not only desire to do good, must know when & how
8 Intellectual Virtues
8.1 The end or purpose of man is rational thought
8.2 His highest good is found here
8.3 Qualities of the mind
8.3.1 Developed through instruction
9 Role Models
9.1 The good person should learn from these
9.2 Train & exercise until it becomes an automatic way of living & behaving
9.2.1 Part of his character
9.2.2 Can exercise without conscious will/effort
10 Revival
10.1 Elizabeth Anscombe
10.2 Richard Taylor
10.3 Phillipa Foot
10.4 Alastair McIntyre
10.5 James F. Keenan

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