American Beauty: Opening Scene Evaluation

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Created by djel96 over 5 years ago
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American Beauty: Opening Scene Evaluation
1 Mise en Scene
1.1 Use of the Rose- Classic sign of love, it's a contrast to how Lester and Carolyn feel.
1.2 Back seat of the car- shows his importance in his family.
1.3 Colour of their house- Red, white and blue are the colours of the American Dream. Shows the patriotism.
1.4 Fences- They are trapped in their own life. Cannot see the real world.
1.5 Colour of Lester's suit- Bland, shows the lack of individuality.
2 Cinematography
2.1 The wide shot shows how insignificant he is to the rest of the world.
2.2 Lester looks through the window over to Carolyn- He's living in a world that she controls.
2.3 Low angle shots on Carolyn- She is the dominant person in the relationship.
2.4 Close ups on Lester- Creating an emotional bond with him. Putting him in a separate sphere.
3 Editing
3.1 Longer shots on Lester- Creates an emotional attachment with him- We get to know him better.
3.2 Shorter takes on Carolyn and Jane- We see a 2D image based on their first impressions.
3.3 Political Economy of Stars- Lester has more screen time- He is the main character.
3.4 Continuity editing- Shows its been going on for some time- It's continuous throughout the film.
4 Sound
4.1 Music- Stays the same throughout the film- Their relationship doesn't change.
4.2 Lester's commentary- We automatically take side with him.
4.3 "In less than a year, I'll be dead"
4.4 "I'm already dead"
4.5 "I have lost something"
4.6 These phrases connote other emotions- Death and Love
5 Performance
5.1 From this film we get mixed emotions
5.2 Happiness- From the Jim's, they are gay and go against the 'American Dream'
5.3 Sadness- The Burnham Family, the follow the 'American Dream'
5.4 Desperation- Lester continually sighs- A sign of desperation and frustration.

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