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what ways does your media product use/develop forms and conventions of real media products


Mind Map on what ways does your media product use/develop forms and conventions of real media products, created by stockers_jack3023 on 03/09/2014.
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what ways does your media product use/develop forms and conventions of real media products
  1. Lighting was a big part to in our media production as it shows good and evil. The main part in which this is shown is when Connor is on the phone to me and as I am in the light and he is in dark showing that he is the antagonist and i am the protagonist.
    1. We decided that the antagonist should be in darkness as it shows mystery which would be another convention of thriller. The idea came from the film Taken in which are similar events happen. This would also allow the audience to feel suspense and therefor will want to watch the whole film. As we are teenagers we are the ones who normally watch thrillers and because of this it allows us to give input into what sort of things other people would want in a thriller film.
      1. Relationships is another thing in which we touched on whilst creating our film with the friend relationship and the father son relationship. We did this as they will feel more attached to the characters and also could see themselves as those characters making them more inticed towards our opening title sequence
        1. As a group we came up with the idea that a flickering light would work well for a thriller film and then my character would go towards a secret draw to pull our his weapons for the challenge that has been set. With the use of foley we were able to make the sound of a latch when we were opening the draw.
          1. As i have said before we are a key audience for films and therefor we had taken some ideas from thriller films for example Connor came up with the idea that me and daneil would resemble pulp fiction. This is because in Pulp fiction there are many parts in which suspense is created and as that is another convention of thriller we wanted to create it in our opening title sequence
            1. Key aspect which is in every thriller films is setting. whilst we were talking about the setting for our film we said that it should fit a typical thriller setting. A typical scene is from 'The Dark Knight' at the end of the film where they are in a dark room and the setting allows a aspect of mystery and suspicion into what could happen next. I believe that our last scene also create that sort of atmosphere
              1. Our last scene is filmed in a wide open field where there is an abandoned barn where our camera man was able to get the shot which made the film have a scene of mystery and eeriness.
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