Cells - Biology ks3

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Ellen Billingham
Created by Ellen Billingham over 6 years ago
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Cells - Biology ks3
1 Specialised Cells
1.1 They have features that make them more suited to its job/purpose
1.2 Red Blood Cell
1.2.1 Function Carry Oxygen around the body
1.2.2 Adaptation No nucleus, and it has a large surface area
1.3 Nerve Cell (Neuron)
1.3.1 Function Transmit and store information
1.3.2 Adaptation They have many connecting branches
1.4 White Blood Cell
1.4.1 Function Engulf and destroy bacteria
1.4.2 Adaptation Their cytoplasms can flow, so they can move around more easily
1.5 Ciliated Windpipe Cell
1.5.1 Function Keep the trachea (throat) clear of things like dust
1.5.2 Adaptation They have tiny hairs that move from side to side to brush dust away
1.6 Sperm Cell
1.6.1 Function To fertilise egg cells
1.6.2 Adaptation Has a powerful tail and is streamlined
2 Plant Cells
2.1 What it has
2.1.1 Nucleus Control centre of a cell
2.1.2 Cytoplasm Liquid where chemical reactions happen
2.1.3 Cell Membrane Surrounds the cell and controls what can enter and leave it
2.1.4 Chloroplast Contains the chemicals required for chemical reactions.
2.1.5 Vacuole Full of sap
2.1.6 Cell Wall Supports the cell
3 Animal Cells
3.1 What it has
3.1.1 Nucleus Control centre of the cell
3.1.2 Cytoplasm Liquid where chemical reactions take place
3.1.3 Cell Membrane Surrounds the cell and controls what goes in and out.
4 Tissues/Organs etc
4.1 Organs
4.1.1 Heart What is it made of? muscle tissue fat tissue blood nervous tissue cartilege
4.1.2 Kidney
4.1.3 Intestines
4.1.4 Lungs
4.1.5 Brain
4.2 An organ system is a number of organs connected together to complete one process.

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