Making Sense of Material Culture


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Making Sense of Material Culture
  1. Defining Material Culture
    1. It is the world of things that people make and things that we purchase or possess, so it is part of our consumer culture.
      1. The objects provide info about what we are like and how we live now
        1. Fairchild points out that culture is based on communication and argues that artifacts embody and concretize various cultural values and achievements.
          1. Cultural values & beliefs take form in objects & artifacts.
            1. Nuessel offers us an insight into where the term "culture" comes from and into the way it has been understood by social scientists.
            2. The Blue Carbuncle as a Model for the Study of Material Culture
              1. Reading people by their appearance and body language.
                1. ex: Sherlock Holmes is known for reading people
                  1. He can tell a lot about the person because of the appearance of the hat.
                    1. Watson is a typical person
                      1. Holmes is the scientific student
                    2. The objects tell you about the culture, and the culture tells you about the objects.
                    3. On the Nature of Theory
                      1. Theories & Concepts related to them help us understand various areas of life.
                        1. A theory is a way of seeing, an optic, that focuses on a specific subject matter.
                          1. Durham & Kellner point out that all theories are partial, so you always have to recognize their limitations.
                            1. Multiplying theories & methods at one's disposal helps to grasps the diverse dimensions of an object...provide richer & more comprehensive understanding of cultural artifacts & practices under scrutiny.
                            2. Theories are like goggles that help determine the way we see the world.
                            3. Nietzsche & Perspectivism
                              1. German philosopher who adopts perspectivist approach that involves recognizing the importance of different theories & methodologies to understand.
                                1. Look at everything from multiple perspectives.
                                  1. We all have a "a kind of lust to rule."
                                2. Rashomon Problem
                                  1. Film that poses the question:
                                    1. What do we do when theorists from different disciplines disagree about how to interpret it?
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