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Terminology and concepts relating to police, private security services and law enforcement.
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jurisdictions areas of authority
Local police officers are employed by: cities, townships or counties
State Police officers are employed by: the individual state in which they live and work
Federal officers are employed by: centralized federal government agencies that have law enforcement powers
Who are the "arm" of the criminal justice system? the police and other law enforcement officers who are physically responsible for keeping the peace
What is a police officer's or law enforcement officer's main job? To patrol their areas of jurisdiction and stay alert and vigilant for any signs of disorder or lawbreaking.
Besides patrolling their areas of jurisdiction, what are some other duties of a law enforcement officer? To secure the scene of a crime, detain witnesses, investigate the crime and decide on an appropriate course of action.
detective a law enforcement officer specially trained in advanced investigative techniques
beat the territory and time that a police officer patrols
What are the conditions a potential police trainee must meet to be accepted into the academy? age range criteria; minimum height requirements; pass visual acuity tests; have a high school diploma; possess a valid driver's license; pass physical and psychological tests; pass a background test; may need to pass a civil service test
forensic science an area of investigation using specialized techniques and methods to gather and identify evidence at a crime scene
forensic evidence any type of physical evidence that is brought into court
Name some areas of basic police training: Criminal law and procedures Traffic enforcement Firearms training Patrol procedures Criminal investigation Defensive tactics Emergency vehicles operation Firearms training
What powers does the new police officer have to keep the peace? Write tickets for parking & traffic violations; Pull you over and/or detain you for cause; Give sobriety tests; Search for and seize evidence; Question citizens; Interrogate suspects; Make arrests.
What are the two restraints on all the power that a police officer possesses? The right of the accused to fair treatment during the criminal justice process, as defined by the Constitution; Their own internal affairs department.
What is a badge? In the case of a police officer, it is a metal pin, often shield-shaped, that carries an official insignia and a unique identifying number.
precinct the district or boundaries of a city or town
Name the colors and conditions of the Homeland Security Advisory System: Red (Severe) -Severe risk of terrorist attacks Orange (High) - High risk of terrorist attacks Yellow (Elevated) - Significant risk of terrorist attacks Blue (Guarded) - General risk of terrorist attacks Green (Low) - Low risk of terrorist attacks
Name the five most common private security applications: Preventing white-collar crime; Protecting valuable property; Providing computer security; Protecting workplaces and schools; Providing security at airports.
proactive policing police work that actively seeks out criminal activity in progress or before it occurs so that it can be prevented
reactive policing police work that takes place after a crime has already occurred
What is private security? Additional measures that are taken by private citizens to protect themselves and their property against crime.
Give some examples of private security measures a citizen might take to protect themselves and their property against crime: 1. private security guard 2. private security company 3. electronic devices, such as burglar alarms, security cameras 4. specialized outdoor lighting 5. special door locks & keyless entry 6. guard dogs
Name three ways a private security officer can prevent white collar crime at a company: 1. By performing background checks on candidates for employment; 2. By protecting valuable assets from shoplifters and employee theft; 3. By helping to guard company information and data.
Name six criminal activities or crimes that the FBI has jurisdiction over: 1. espionage 2. kidnapping 3. bank robbery 4. Interstate transport of stolen property 5. civil rights cases 6. Interstate gambling violations
special agent the title given to any Federal Bureau of Investigations law enforcement officer
Name the five major divisions of the Department of Homeland Security 1. Border and Transportation Security 2. Emergency Preparedness and Response 3. Science and Technology 4. Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection 5. Management
infrastructure basic systems that are vital to the public health, economy, transportation, energy sources and information
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