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Mind Map on Belonging, created by pjcronan on 03/10/2014.
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  1. Familiarity (Jasper Jones and Charlie walking to the glade, they have unspoken friendship)
    1. Jeffery and Charlie interact easily together
      1. Charlie and his Dad communicate with unspoken candor
      2. Charlie and his mother do not communicate well or easily
        1. Eliza and Charlie develop a familiarity and an ease in communication
          1. Charlie listens to Jack Lionel and becomes familiar with his goodness despite community prejudices
          2. Courage--resistance of fear and mastery of fear, not the absence of fear
            1. Charlie speaks to Eliza Wishart even though frightened
              1. Eliza trusts and confides to Charlie she saw her sister commit suicide
                1. Charlie confides to Eliza he was with Jasper Jones and put her sister in the water
                2. Bigotry and hatred are used often in the book to identify the absence of belonging
                  1. Police, racist neighbours, infidelity, paedophillia
                  2. Laura Wishart resists her father with the courage she gains through Jasper. When that courage falters, so does her sense of belonging.
                    1. Charlie and his Dad run to An's house to defend a friend
                    2. Acceptance
                      1. Charlie accepts the talents that Jeffery has and also accepts what others consider a fault (cricket and ethnicity)
                        1. Charlie's Dad accepts his faults and helps him grow stronger
                          1. Charlie's Dad accepts his Mothers faults and offers unconditional love
                            1. Charlie's Mother is not accepting of his father and does not offer unconditional love. She seeks fulfilment outside the bonds of love
                              1. Charlie never feels the need to act stronger or smarter than Jeffery
                              2. Support and encouragement
                                1. Charlie supports Jeffery with cricket and is happy when he succeeds
                                  1. Jeffery encourages Charlie and his budding romance with Eliza
                                    1. Charlie shows interest in his Dad's attempts to write and questions him about his progress
                                      1. Charlie's Dad accepts his shortcoming and encourages him to grow and develop by modelling desirable traits
                                        1. Charlie's Mother models anger, frustration and disappointment. She acts selfishly and loses the right to belong
                                          1. Laura and Eliza Wishart's mother turns a blind eye and offers no support. The family is destroyed and the children turn to outside sources for their sense of belonging.
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