American Beauty: Narrative Structures- Angela and Jane

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American Beauty: Narrative Structures- Angela and Jane
1 They help to position the audience to empathise with a certain character's point of view.
2 School Scene.
2.1 Angela stands taller- She has more confidence.
2.2 Appears to have more confidence- They way she talks and smokes.
2.3 Jane is more reserved- She feels intimidated by Angela.
2.4 Clothing
2.4.1 Jane- Ordinary clothing with bland colours- She doesn't want to stand out.
2.4.2 Angela- Brighter colours and more noticeable clothing- She wants to be the centre of attention and stands out.
2.5 Speech
2.5.1 Jane- She is quieter and shows moral and social values. She appears to have a better education.
2.5.2 Angela- She is louder, outspoken and brash. She shows no signs of moral and social values. She appears to be less educated.
3 Throughout the film.
3.1 They swap places. Angela goes from being the 'more mature' character to being the more 'immature' character.
3.2 Jane has the wider shots. She is isolated. This is the opposite in the end.
3.3 Angela is surrounded by people, but gradually looses them throughout the film.
3.4 More high key lighting on Angela in the beginning but there is less in the end. She hides away from the light.
3.5 Ricky's character looks past Angela's 'beauty' and into Jane's
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