Pre-writing Exercise for the introduction of a Research Paper

Jose Velez
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Diagram of ideas for introduction paragraph of the research paper

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Pre-writing Exercise for the introduction of a Research Paper
1 Racism As a Whole.
1.1 How it affects races.
1.2 Races Most affected.
2 Comparing Racism; United States/ Puerto Rico
2.1 Racism in United States
2.2 Racism in Puerto Rico
2.3 Differences (Pros. vs Cons.)
3 Racism Towards Women
3.1 Women Treatment in United States
3.2 Women Treatment in Puerto Rico
3.3 Disadvantages of Being a Women because of Racism
4 Percentage of Female Students Accepted Into College
4.1 Perspective of Female Students in a Male Dominant Department
4.2 Criteria to accept a female student vs a male student in college.
4.3 What is the percentage of female students vs male students that are awarded with any college scholarship and what are the criteria to give it. ( for sport scholarship & good grades scholarship)
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