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RE Key Terms
1 Buddhism
1.1 Dukkha
1.1.1 Suffering
1.2 Metta
1.2.1 Loving Kindness
1.3 Nirvana
1.3.1 The final/main goal for a Buddhist
1.3.2 Release from the Samsara Cycle
1.4 Karuna
1.4.1 Compassion
1.5 Middle Way
1.5.1 The clear medium between extreme poverty and extreme luxury
1.6 Samsara
1.6.1 Cycle of Death and Rebirth until Nirvana is reached
2 Islam
2.1 Sadaqah
2.1.1 An act of generosity/giving for Allah
2.2 Zakat
2.2.1 Giving Money to Charity (2.5% of salary)
2.3 Haram
2.3.1 Forbidden Actions
2.4 Halal
2.4.1 Permitted Actions
2.5 Hadith
2.5.1 Written report of Muhammad's actions and words
2.6 Sunnah
2.6.1 Muhammad's Life example for a Muslim
3 Christianity
3.1 Spiritual Riches
3.1.1 Being rich in the mind and soul and being morally righteous
3.2 Philanthropy
3.2.1 The gift of time/money to a charity/those in need of it
3.3 Viewpoints
3.3.1 Absolutist Fixed view on what is right and wrong which doesn't change regardless of the situation
3.3.2 Relativist Changing views on what is right and wrong, depending on each individual situation
3.3.3 Fundamentalist Believe in the total and complete accuracy and truth of the Bible and its events
3.3.4 Liberal Believe the events of the Bible to be a myth with elements of truth within it
4 Poverty
4.1 Poverty Trap
4.1.1 When there is no escaping poverty
4.2 Minimum Wage
4.2.1 The smallest amount a person can legally be paid
4.2.2 Stops employees being exploited
4.3 Material Riches
4.3.1 Having Tangible possessions and luxuries and excessive wealth
4.4 Charity
4.4.1 The giving of money/possessions to a cause
4.5 Equality
4.5.1 When two things are equal in value and importance
4.5.2 When someone is given the same treatment and respect as someone else
4.6 Wealth
4.6.1 The Value of a person's money and possessions
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