Cluster Pre-writing Exercise for the Introduction of a Research Paper

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Assignment By Lixcy Vega and Hector Rivera Topic: Race Variable: Communication Students

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Cluster Pre-writing Exercise for the Introduction of a Research Paper
1 Importance of how people perceive race
1.1 Acceptance
1.2 Diversity
1.3 Positive Social Relations
1.4 Fair Treatment
2 Background of how people have perceived race
2.1 Segregation
2.2 Humiliation
2.3 Lack of education about diversity and acceptance
2.4 Lack of Values
2.5 Some acceptance in certain sectors
3 Specific details on how people perceive race and how they have done so in the past
3.1 The Holocaust
3.2 Social Segregation towards black people in the US
3.3 Actors Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg manifest in favor of racial diversity in Mexico
3.4 Little Rock Central High School reaffirms its support towards racial diversity by hosting Hispanic football game
4 Problems caused by the way people perceive race
4.1 Hate
4.2 Civil Disobedience
4.3 Social Separation
4.4 Social Conflicts
4.5 Unfair treatment
4.6 Unequal Opportunities
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