packaging and marketing

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packaging and marketing
1 packaging and the environment
1.1 materials
1.1.1 paper and card bags and box's
1.1.2 textiles bags
1.1.3 metals aluminium and steel cans and foil trays
1.1.4 plastics polystyrene, PVC bottles trays bubble wrap tubs box's air pillows bags
1.1.5 glass bottle, Jars
1.2 use's
1.2.1 contain keep them in one place fit neatly together strong enough not to collapse
1.2.2 store
1.2.3 protect helps with transportataion helps from knocks by using materials such a bubble wrap security may include anit-theft devices ink devices on clothes tamper evident seals so you can tell if its been opend
1.2.4 transport
1.2.5 preserve deteiorate when exposed to oxygen plastic and composite materials are now widely used seals objects so they are air tight jars, bottles, tin cans
1.3 environmental impact
1.3.1 use's up materials oftern made of plastic which is made of crude oil that is an infinate source
1.3.2 uses energy to create most energy comes from fossil fuels contributeing to global warming
1.3.3 produces waste
1.3.4 6 R'S REDUCE RE-THINK is there a better way to solve the problem REUSE does the product have another use RECYCLE is it easily recycled REPAIR REFUSE do not accept things that could impact the environment
2 labelling
2.1 give information on product safty
2.1.1 some are to show they have met a curtain standard British standards institute CE mark for safety many people will pay more for products with these lables
2.1.2 some are hazardous harmful flammable explosive environmental hazard irritant
2.2 protection of there product
2.2.1 copy right
2.2.2 trademark companies companies that cannot be copied by other companies.
2.3 designers usually take steps to protect there desins from being copied
2.3.1 after being labelled with the 'c' symbol they are protected under copyright law this means no one else can copy them
2.3.2 symbols, slogans, logos and words that have the 'r' or 'tm' mark show companies that cannot be copied
2.4 they also hold other information
2.4.1 how to: maintain the product use the product store the product saftety information dispose of the product (the 6 R's)
2.4.2 what material it is normally if its plastic it will tell you what type
3 brands and marketing
3.1 aimed at a target market
3.1.1 therefore must be sutable for this
3.2 use of logo's
3.2.1 to help people recognise there product
3.2.2 memorable
3.2.3 well desgined
3.3 advertising
3.3.1 how to advertise cinema television radio news paper leaflets flyers magazines pop-up's email billboards tains buss'
3.3.2 sponsorship sponsor a popular TV series do a lot of work with charity
3.3.3 pay a celebraty to say how great the product is
3.4 good display
3.4.1 packaging entice people in stand out bright colours large logo
3.4.2 promote inside the shop hagers signs new ideas
3.4.3 free sampling
3.4.4 in shop demonstrations