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1 Definition
1.1 Nanotechnology is a new branch of science that refers to structures built from a few hundred atoms and are 1-100nm big. They show different properties to the same materials in bulk, partly because they also have a large surface area to volume ratio and their properties could lead to new developments in computers, building materials
1.2 They are formed by a number of methods
1.2.1 Occur naturally in the sea
1.2.2 Formed during combustion
1.2.3 Formed by grinding down materials
2 Nanoscience and health
2.1 Nanoparticles are obviously very small and have a large surface area to volume ratio. This makes them useful but can also make them dangerous. Nanoparticles could easily pass through cell membrane
3 Two examples of nanotechnology
3.1 The 'Nano Carbon Pro' tennis racket uses nanoparticles to increase its strenght
3.2 Silver nanoparticles can be used to give fibres antibacterial properties

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