Hitlers Propaganda

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Hitlers Propaganda
1 1924 - Hitler laid out his beliefs and his plans for successful propaganda in his book 'Mein Kampf'
2 1928 - Chose Joseph Goebbels to run Nazi Ministery of Propaganda
3 Took control of mass media
4 Prevented German people hearing conflicted messages
5 Newspapers
5.1 Anti-Nazi newspapers shut down
5.2 Jews banned from owning / working on newspapers
5.3 MIP sent out daily instructions to all newspapers
5.4 Display boards set up in public places so everyone saw them
6 Rallies
6.1 Nazis always presented an image of order / control to German people EG. uniform / meetings / torchlight processions
6.2 Once in power rallies became more impressive in Nuremburg stadium
6.3 Rallies gave dramatic impressions of overwhelming power and unity
7 Books
7.1 Nazis organised book burnings
7.1.1 Books burned in big public bonfires
7.2 Burned books by communists / socialists / jews / anyone who disproved of Nazis / containing ideas they disproved of
7.3 Prevented Germans from reading / thinking beyond Nazi message
7.4 Books published must be censored by Goebbels Ministry
8 Radios
8.1 1939 - 70% of Germans owned a radio
8.2 Took control of broadcasting, regular programmes included Hitlers speeches / German music / German history
8.3 Radios made cheap
8.4 Loudspeakers set up in public spaces all over Germany so people encourages to listen
9 Films
9.1 1930s cinemas very popular
9.2 Goebbles controlled films made in Germany
9.3 Always a newsreel film, New of week, shown before main film
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