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1 Create a universal helper academic discipline
1.1 Bertanlaffy in the 1930s
1.1.1 First important TGS Book Stated that systems are always evolving, interacting with each other
1.2 Ashby in 1950s
1.2.1 became president of TGS Federation
1.3 Enterprises started using it
1.3.1 IBM Microsoft Facebook or many others They have not only gigantic teams of people, but their work around the powerhouse of Systems TECHNOLOGY Globalization and mass media, information production
2 But what is a system anyway?
2.1 entities with lots of interacting objects & subjects.
2.1.1 And much more!
2.1.2 Countrys
2.1.3 Animal bodys
2.1.4 Social Groups
2.1.5 Economies
2.1.6 With such a widespread theres various intuitive concepts of TGS I/O or Input/Output Hierarchies Processes "Wait so they explain why my Computer gets bluescreens of death??" Yes and much more! Friendships and family relations How to manage innovative political systems Understanding our body and nature Physical or conceptual barriers And other not so much Information state "Goal directness"?
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