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This is my Training Path for achieving a B2 in Bulats

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Training Path
1 The Art of Negotiating
1.1 I found this course useful because I will acquire a current overview of the strategies and tactics of negotiation, learn what it means to negotiate and become familiar with various types of negotiations as stubborn haggling, double gaining, negotiations on behalf of an organization and individual negotiations.
2 Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting
2.1 This course studies the most important financial and managerial reporting concepts.
3 Game Theory
3.1 This course is an introduction to game theory and strategic thinking. What i have found quite innovative are the examples that the professor draw from economics, politics, movies, among many others.
4 Business Fundamentals: Effective Communication
4.1 This corse aims to develop business, finance and writing skills such as learning the principles of writing influential documents for work:: reports and proposals. Make convincing presentations and conduct productive meetings.
5 Innovating in a Digital World
5.1 The aim of this course is to understand the new mechanisms of digital business and innovation.
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