SMART Goals for 2016

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SMART Goal Planning Map

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SMART Goals for 2016
1 Specific
1.1 Skills
1.1.1 Use Learner Profiles Communicator Participate in group work Talk to my teacher Participate in class Principled Complete ALL Homework Write all assignments in agenda Write "None" if No Homework Complete all projects Weekly Binder Checks
1.2 Study
1.2.1 Understand Learning Style
1.2.2 Focus on Actively Learning Get enough sleep! Eat breakfast! Get to school on-time Ask questions! Who? What? When Where? Take notes! Use Cornell-Style Note-Taking Summarize notes Regularly Test Myself Make quizzes Use flash cards Study with a friend
1.3 Social
1.3.1 Join a Club or Activity SGA Drama Basketball
1.3.2 Treat Others with Respect
1.3.3 Make friends
2 Measurable
2.1 What does Success mean to me?
2.1.1 70% or higher on all tests
2.1.2 Being committed to Study Goals Using Learning Style that works for me Getting an "A"!!! Demonstrate my learning Daily class participation Finding New Ways to Learn Review Goals Often Ask for help Enjoy learning new things
2.1.3 Becoming a model student
3 Attainable
3.1 Motivation
3.1.1 Staying Focused Studying with a snack Having some background noise
3.1.2 Avoiding Distractions Staying off social media while studying Turn off my phone while studying.
3.2 My Action Steps:
3.2.1 1. Write detailed notes during class. 2. Ask questions about things I'm not sure about. 3. Summarize my notes and review them daily.
3.3 Aspirational
3.3.1 Higher than Average Grades NJHS Eligibility Honor Roll Breakfast
3.3.2 Bragging Rights
4 Realistic
4.1.1 DON'T GIVE UP Ask for encouragement from teachers.
4.1.2 I know I can do this! :-)
5 Timely
5.1 Break down my larger goals into manageable chunks
5.1.1 Re-evaluate my goals at the end of each quarter
5.1.2 Create outlines for my projects, papers, etc. Create due dates for these items
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